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The CMC team has built and managed some of Southern California’s most unique and notable retail environments over the past 25 years. The CMC team includes a very diverse collection of talents with members focused on property management, accounting, tenant curation, soft programming and construction. The front end LABco team will carry the project to opening day and then transition to our operations team, Community Management Corporation.


CMC will maintain all financial aspects from billing and collecting rent and late fees to maintaining

maintenance budgets to collecting and reconciling CAM payments and accounts.

CMC will collect, maintain, and assess data related to tenant gross sales, payments, and communications to give ownership an accurate snapshot of the financial health.


A Unique

The CMC team has over 25 years of successful management and operations experience.


In addition to building and operating, the team also owns and operates a number of restaurants, retail stores and event venues. The vertical integration of our team provides us a wealth of resources to tap into for every project we work on.


Due to our unique background, we bring an owners mindset to every project.

Our existing portfolio consists of specialized retail that consistently achieves above-market rent.


From outdoor malls, to award-winning food halls, CMC cultivates and sustains many of Southern California’s most popular and inventive communities.

CMC has enhanced revenue in each of these communities by maintaining hight quality property conditions, creating exclusive and distinct tenant mixes, building strong tenant relations, and establishing smooth and simple operational procedures.



We pride ourselves in maintaining a warm, inviting, and memorable community experience.


This includes maintenance of all common areas; seeking out and maintaining contracts for landscaping, security, janitorial; and ensuring the cleanliness and safety.

LAB Holding, LLC weaves community, culture, commerce and consciousness into real estate innovation and place making. LAB, an acronym for Little American Business, specializes in assisting the newborn retail entrepreneur in setting their roots in a nurturing environment.


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Our team provides full leasing services. In addition to negotiating and preparing leases, lease amendments, provisions, abstracts, terminations, and renewals, we use our specialty retail experience to suggest and curate a creative, balanced, and income-producing tenant mix.



Open communication is one of the pillars of our management approach. We will cultivate strong tenant relationships by responding promptly and respectfully to all concerns, requests, and disputes.


Our tenants know that their concerns are our concerns and that all issues will be given the time and attention needed to resolve them.


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In 1991, Shaheen Sadeghi, creator and founder of LAB Holding, LLC, transitioned from a well-respected career in the fashion industry with the VF Corporation, Gotcha Sportswear and as President of the Quiksilver action sportswear company, to create a revolutionary community for the youth culture. The LAB Anti-Mall breathed life into an abandoned factory in 1993 and offered an outlet for local students, emerging artists, musicians and like-minded retail entrepreneurs. Now more than 20 years later, the recycled LAB construction and thoughtfully selected synergistic boutiques and restaurants attract the local community as well as international travelers from around the globe. The LAB is the creative heart of the SoBECA arts district in Costa Mesa (acronum for South of Bristol, Entertainment, Culture, Arts) boasting retail sals to rival those of nearby South Coast Plaza, the nation’s largest and most successful mall.

LAB Holding grew with the construction of The CAMP eco retail campus in 2002 and now includes properties within the SoBECA District, the Anaheim Packing District, Center Street Anaheim and the historic Casino in San Clemente.


We strive to create meaningful connections with our patrons through robust digital communications and through community gatherings. Our team programs an ongoing schedule of events that range from music in the garden to street festivals with a regional draw.

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