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Commerce without culture and respect for community becomes a soulless and short lived commodity.  Our creative endeavors demand a deep rooted examination of the local personality and careful placement of hand selected quality businesses to compliment the existing environment yet excite the senses.  Partnerships with local entrepreneurs, artisans, educators, neighbors, and trade organizations are paramount to our success.  The incorporation of “public space” for the invigoration and support of local culture begins at the most primary stages of concept and design and becomes our proud trademark.   

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Our mission is to provide property management solutions to grow, foster, and encourage community for the benefit of all we serve. We believe community offers financial stability, reliability, and comfort, which we accomplish through open communication, teamwork, creativity, and attention to detail. A vibrant community is the hallmark of success. 

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We prioritize relationships - with the community, tenants, customers, and owners. LAB Co Consulting creates revenue enhancing opportunity through our commitment to satisfying people’s need of finding memorable experiences.

With over 25 years of practice, we have become experts in creating and sustaining award winning communities that thrive off imaginative, artistic, and appealing property enhancements and tenant selection. 

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